The Richness of Difference

Dublin NH, the Lawrenceville section of Pittsburgh, and Wheeling WV stand well apart from each otherdublincommctr, and I revel in their differences. Tomorrow, I’m reading at 7pm at the Community Center in Dublin, a leafy village spiked by an austere steeple at the foot of Mt. Monadnock, and a storied lakeside haven for painters, writers, and readers.

On October 27, I’ll read at 7pm in Lawrenceville, an old steelworkers’ neighborhood now in the vanguard of Pittsburgh’s hip turnaround, soaked in coffee and craft beer, shot-through with artisans and skinny jeans, and home to Nine Stories, its newest bookstore.lawrenceville_neighborhood

And on Halloween, forget the tricks, a treat of free pierogies will fortify attendees as I kick off a literary fest at 7pm at the Ohio County Library in Wheeling WV, birthplace of Bill Mazeroski and the home of one of my literary inspirations, Rebecca Harding Davis. At the height of its steel, iron, glass, and yes, cigar industries, Wheeling had the most wealth per capita of any U.S. city. wheeling

I am grateful for the invitations to read in these three diverse spots and look forward to meeting the folks who show up. If you’re anywhere nearby, all three readings are free open to the public. I hope you will come by.

In the next day or two, I’ll report on what I learned about Buffalo, Erie PA, and Cleveland during my visits at the end of September.

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