The Tables Turned

My curiosity has always guaranteed me a seat facing interview subjects or a position  behind the camera. Recently, I’ve had to get used to occupying the opposite seat with a camera pointed at me for an hour. On Sunday evening (10/23) at 7pm, under the spell of PCN television’s PA Books host, Brian Lockwood, you can watch me squirm. pabook-20-years-tan-background-1-e1460475132716

brianlockmanBrian comforted me with his own curious questions. After all, he’s been interviewing authors for 20 years. Thank heavens we were taping, because his questions had me at a loss for words, another unusual circumstance for me.

I’ll be traveling back to Ambridge as a guest of Trinity School for Ministry, sitting in on discussions there, reading at Nine Stories in Lawrenceville, and launching the Upper Ohio Valley Festival of Books in Wheeling, WV. West Virginia and Southwestern PA dazzle in Autumn, and I’m looking forward to seeing family, friends, readers, and the volunteers pinching pierogies next Friday.

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