Thanks to Team Manning


I owe much of the success of RUST BELT BOY to my New York publicity team of Scott Manning (aka Mr. Publicity) and Abigail Welhouse of Scott Manning & Associates. They faced an uphill battle, trying to get the reviewers and tour appearances for a first-time book author with a title from a small publisher. But they believed mightily in the book and in me, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Scott and Abby threw all of their know-how, experience, wisdom, and contacts in the world of booksellers and media at theĀ challenge of bringing my book to a wide audience. And they knocked it out of the park. In addition to all of that, I felt like I was working with my best friends. Scott is a brilliant writer, and Abby a stuimg-inset-headshot-abigailnning poet, so I’ll let you read their account of their “little book that could.”

“Mr. Publicity’s Little Book that Could” — and because of them it did.






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